Top Tips for a Happy Kitchen

Looking Good...

A County Interiors Kitchen is built to last, but we always offer our customers a little bit of aftercare advice to ensure it stays looking as good as the day it was installed.

Top Tips for a Happy Kitchen

Top Tips for a Happy Kitchen

22nd November 2019

Here's just a few of the things we recommend to keep a new kitchen looking and operating in peak condition (take a look at all our ranges here to get inspired about what is possible with a new design):

Sparkling Clean

Fabulous! Everyone wants a shiny finish. But always use cleaning materials recommended by the manufacturer on your furniture and appliances. Be gentle and never use anything harsh or abrasive.

Say NO to Steam

Steam and your new kitchen furniture don’t mix. Never use steam cleaners on your cabinets or appliances as you can put them at risk of bubbling, peeling, discolouration or worse.  


We’ve all opened a dishwasher mid-cycle, but don’t hang around. Make sure the door is closed as soon as possible to prevent steam damaging your new furniture. 

Close it Up

Things have moved on. Modern appliances cook to perfection with the doors closed. Just like steam, heat will damage cabinets and worksurfaces.

If you're ready to start the design journey to your new kitchen, visit our Spalding showroom today.

Make a Diary Note

Products and appliances need tender loving care. Ensure their lifespan by booking in regular health checks with the manufacturer. Follow other care guidelines to the letter too.

If you're ready to start the design journey to your new kitchen, visit us in our Spalding Showroom today!


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