Support your Independent Kitchen Retailer

Support your Independent Kitchen Retailer

Independent Kitchen retailers like County Interiors need people like you! Read on to find out why you should visit our Spalding showroom when you’ve got a kitchen transformation to complete.

Support your Independent Kitchen Retailer

Support your independent Kitchen Retailer

13th March 2020

County Interiors will give you more than just a kitchen too! Advertising by High Street kitchen brands is certainly at an all-time high right now, so indulge us in a little bit of self-promotion. If you choose us, here's what you can be certain of:

*great personal service from people with more than 40 years of experience designing and installing great kitchens

*a quality outcome for the long term

*a fair and honest price every time, representing value for money in line with the products you choose

Why choose County Interiors?

Independent Kitchen retailers like County Interiors need people like you! If we can persuade you to grab a coffee and read the next 5 bullet points, we’re sure we can convince you to visit our Spalding showroom when you’ve got a kitchen transformation to complete.

1. Expertise

At County Interiors we’ve been in the industry for nearly 40 years. We’ve trained in our craft and honed our expertise. We employ the principles of great design, flow and symmetry.

'Anyone would do that Right?' You’d be surprised. The words ‘low cost’ and ‘bargain’ can often mean that there will be compromises - you might not end up with the consideration you’d hope for during the design process. ‘As long as it looks good in the end, we’re not worried about the detail’. The truth is the devil REALLY IS in the detail.

If the little details aren’t considered in your design from the outset, it simply won’t look good in the end. Great design outcomes are gained through years of experience, quality products and a core team of people committed to the industry for the long term.

2. Get what you want, not what we want to sell you

There’s nothing wrong with looking for great deals. But don’t fall into the trap of buying something with 50% off, just because it’s got 50% off.  Chances are, it’s not the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of and you’ll be left feeling underwhelmed at the end, having compromised  your vision.  And is it really 50% off, or is it just an excess stock range the retailer is trying to get rid of quickly?

3. Budget

County Interiors will always quote a fair and true price. Each kitchen is tailored to your individual requirements and ordered uniquely.

Nothing is ‘off the shelf’, which means the result will be something completely personal to you. We don’t artificially inflate prices to heavily discount them later. The price we quote is honest and will always represent value based on the products you select. It will include project management and installation; so there are never any hidden extras. Our design and quote service is free.

When it comes to money, your kitchen is on your terms. If you have a set budget in mind, tell us so we can realistically plan what you can achieve for your money and create a space you’ll love. We understand the importance of value for money and do everything from large and extravagant to compact and efficient.

4. Face to Face service

You can pop in and see us or get in touch with the person dealing with your project directly, at pretty much any time. There’s no central call centre that you’ll spend ages on hold too. What we offer is a personal approach that is about great customer service, meeting your needs and matching the investment you’re making.

We will spend time getting to know you and work on a design that incorporates all the things it needs to function at every level.

5. You know us!

You might already know us. Our children might go to the same nursery, school or club. Maybe we eat in your favourite restaurant or a restaurant you own. We might have said hello in the local newsagent. We shop local too!

Whether you know us informally; through a previous kitchen, bedroom or bathroom project, or know someone else that chose us; the reality is we’ve worked hard to build a name for our business in the local area.

How we are perceived matters. Word of mouth is still one of our biggest referrals in terms of new clients, so the service we provide and the products we recommend have to be absolutely spot on. Our business is our passion and our liveliehood; so you can be certain you’ll get 100% on every level.

Thanks for reading…

Once your kitchen is complete, please recommend us to your friends and family. We hope it’ll feel good to recommend someone local and we might get another customer with your help.

Every project we complete means something to us personally and we look forward to welcoming you to our Spalding Showroom soon.

Give us a call on 01775 72277 or email sales@countyinteriors to discuss any aspect of your project in advance. Don’t forget we do bedrooms and bathrooms too!


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