Should you tell your kitchen designer your budget?

Kitchen budgeting myths...

We know that giving your kitchen designer a ballpark budget for your project might feel counter-intuitive, but read on to find out why it’s a really helpful thing to do.

Should you tell your kitchen designer your budget?

Should you tell your kitchen designer your budget?

15th October 2019

As with any major life purchase, there are choices to be made. Depending on your budget you might be considering lower-cost options, mid-range or the most expensive solutions.

Without giving your designer any guidance to the amount you are willing to invest from the outset, they’ll be guessing as to what they can include. For example, we might play it safe if we feel unsure about what you are willing to spend. In doing so, you risk not having the best you can afford in terms of products and functionality. On the other hand, we might include top of the range doors and appliances which end up well over the budget you had in mind (that you didn’t tell us!) and your plan will have to be completely re-worked, costing both parties valuable time.

How can I be sure you won’t just invent a price just under budget?

Firstly, choose a reputable company like County Interiors with experienced designers who don’t invent prices to fit the budget they’ve been given. Prices are carefully calculated based on the choices that have been incorporated into the draft design. If you’ve provided a budget to your designer then your quote should be close to the amount you have stated. This is because we’ve given you AS MUCH as we can based on what you have available to spend. Quoting to budget means you’ll be getting some additional touches and finishes you might not have thought possible. You can review our suggestions and choose to omit items to come in under budget. Alternatively, you might be so inspired that you want to stretch the initial budget and include additional extras in the design.

The cost of designing kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms varies hugely depending on the appliances, ranges or finishes you’re after. But any good designer will do their very best to give you an imaginative, functional design to suit your budget and maximise what you can achieve.

Will I get everything I want if I disclose my budget?

As with most things, it depends on your wish list. It’s possible you won’t be able to afford everything on the list but with a little compromise (as long as you’ve set a realistic budget for the size of your room and any 'must' include items) there’s every chance. There are entry-level and top of the range options meaning there is scope for flexibility. If you have a modest budget and are looking for a German Kitchen with quartz worktops and top-end appliances, it's probably unlikely you'll achieve this. But, we could absolutely achieve a German Kitchen with good quality appliances and a lower costing worktop that gives you a similar effect. At the consultation stage our designers will be honest about being realistic and where you can re-think some of your choices if they are going to be out of reach…IF you tell them your budget.

How much should I spend on my kitchen?

10-15% of your home’s value would afford you a high-quality kitchen that reflects the space you occupy, but this will be a significant investment for many, so don’t worry if you aren’t able to consider this as an option. There are plenty of excellent solutions to suit whatever budget it is that you have available.

What do you recommend if I’m extending my home to accommodate a new kitchen?

It’s really important to consider what the costs of all the building work and decoration will be on any renovation project. For the kitchen alone, you need to budget for units, flooring, appliances and installation. Having a contingency of 10% for any unexpected expenses during the project is a must. Once you have architect drawings and planning permission for your new space, meet with your kitchen designer. You’ll know the build costs and the cash you have available for the kitchen now, so you can talk honestly with your designer who can work within the parameters you’ve given them and create a design to exceed your vision.


Your choice of worktop, appliances and doors can make a huge difference to the price of your kitchen. In between the extremes of the most low cost and expensive options there is a huge range, which is why letting us know how much you ideally want to spend is so valuable to the design process from the outset.

Get inspired about what you can achieve with the kitchen ranges we work with on our dedicated kitchen page and visit us at the showroom. We're looking to working with you, and your budget!




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