Lockdown Design Challenge

Lockdown Design Challenge

Our designers took lockdown in their stride. Despite not being able to work on real customer projects, they diverted their creativity into this challenge from KBB Review.

Lockdown Design Challenge

Lockdown Design Challenge

13th May 2020

Not content to sit at home during lockdown, one of our lead designers, Alberto, was up for a challenge. He put his design skills to good use in this little project set by KBB (Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms) Review.

Set in response to the lockdown situation the challenge features as a special addition KBB Review's Retail and Design Awards. The kbbreview Retail & Design Awards 2020: Lockdown Special - a conceptual design competition with everyone working from the same brief.

The competition comprised two categories,  ‘concept design of the year’,  and ‘Under -16s concept design of the year’. Clearly Alberto fell into the over 16's category!

The brief was a challenging project involving a couple with their three kids living in a converted lighthouse. Mum and Dad want a new kitchen/living area and master en suite, and the kids need their own bathroom and kitchen/living area for their amazing treehouse. Money was no object, but a vision of something genuinely unique and full of creative and ‘new’ ideas was essential.

Alberto's submission was shortlisted with his proposal for for a ‘Tokyo Industrial, Futuristic Feel’ scheme. Lots of gadgets and unique features combined to create a relaxing holistic living space. A layering effect of texture combine to create a suprisingly soft, contemporary feel. The design features statement walls, brushed copper and other metal finishes complemented by reclaimed oak from the local church.

We love to bring flair and creativity to our proposals for clients, and previous customers will definitely vouch for us on this. Take a look at our website 'Projects' page. The challenge taken on here by Alberto demonstrates the flexibility, innovation and creativity we have within our team, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom scheme you are looking for.

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