Happy New Kitchen Remodel

Happy New Kitchen Remodel

Was your kitchen a pleasure to cook, entertain and socialise in over the festive season. Or was it a complete nightmare on all fronts? If it was the latter, it’s time to invest in a kitchen re-model in 2020. County Interiors, Spalding can help you.

Happy New Kitchen Remodel

Happy New Kitchen Remodel

8th January 2020


What works well in your existing space and what doesn't?

Before you embark on the process of undertaking to invest in a new kitchen, take some time to think about what elements of your existing design made things tricky over the festive season and what would have worked better. We’ve highlighted some of the areas you might have struggled with below, and offer some suggestions we'd include in any new design, to get the ball rolling.


Was your fridge up to the challenge? Modern integrated fridges offer great potential with keep fresh drawers and more defined food storage areas. Some are even alarmed if you’re rushing around and forget to close the door! We’ve got plenty of brands to choose from that can be integrated as part of your design.

On the subject of fridges, it is worth considering a wine cooler as part of any new kitchen vision. Rather than filling precious space in your food fridge, wine coolers keep drinks chilled to the perfect temperature and add a luxurious element to your design. They can be integrated under the counter top.

Were all your essential entertaining items easily to hand?

If finding all your platters, big bowls, cutlery, linen and more was more like trying to find a needle in a haystack, it sounds like your kitchen units aren't working well for you.

In-cabinet storage is a game-changer in the way you use your kitchen. Custom-sized drawers, corner unit pull-outs, spice racks, pull out caddies and bins and drawer organisation boxes keep your kitchen organised all year round. It means that everything is easily to hand when you need it and everything has a home. So if you invest in a kitchen remodel this year, Christmas 2020 is going to be a breeze!

Storing everything inside your cabinets leaves your counter tops clear for essential food  preparation and emphasises the design elements of your kitchen that you’ve taken time and consideration to achieve.

Kitchen Lighting

Did your kitchen look welcoming and inviting over the festive period? Or was it a bit down in the doldrums? If the lighting in your kitchen is a little bit underwhelming right now you'll be amazed at the new ambiance a new design with achieve.

Lighting creates mood and atmosphere. It’s important to be able to switch between task and mood lighting and this is all totally achievable. When we design a kitchen, we pay great attention to the lighting that is required for the different functions a kitchen serves from practical preparation to entertaining and socialsing.

Free Kitchen Planning and Design Service

We offer a free kitchen planning and design service, so, if after this Christmas, you’re ready to be ready with something new for next Christmas, pop into our Spalding showroom in Lincolnshire and talk to our experienced kitchen designers to find out what’s possible for your space.

We’ve got lots of Winter Sale offers on to help you achieve your dream kitchen at an even more favourable price.

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