Designing the perfect Kitchen

Designing the perfect Kitchen

There is a fine art to achieving the perfect kitchen design; but with the right approach, you can guarantee a great result.

Designing the perfect Kitchen

Designing the perfect Kitchen

1st October 2019

Designing an effective kitchen is all about getting the right ‘flow’ for your space and there are four priority areas that influence the way in which we approach a new project. We’ll always consider the most natural and efficient solution to getting cooking, food preparation, sink and storage areas seamlessly working together. On top of that we know that most people use their kitchens in a much more multi-functional way. Creating a relaxed and enjoyable environment that works with the best ‘flow’ for the space in terms of practicality is also at the forefront of our minds. Every design we present is unique and tailored based on your requirements; so do think about your lifestyle and what takes priority in the space for you.

We always work with the ‘triangle’, as it’s known, which enables us to ensure the shortest tread between your hob, sink and fridge, which are the primary task areas in any kitchen. For example, a sink positioned more than a few steps from the hob will make draining the speedy weeknight pasta suddenly seem a lot less ‘speedy’. The triangle we work with ensures that cooking and tidying are intuitive and seamless, saving you effort and those valuable few minutes every time.

Smart storage solutions are an absolute must in any contemporary kitchen and with so many clever products and design tricks now available, you don’t have to compromise on practicality or look these days – both are king. It sounds simple, but an effectively planned kitchen is one that you’ll enjoy spending time in for the long term – but it takes consideration to get it absolutely right.

We always aim to group similar functions together; for example, ensuring pots and pans aren’t in a drawer that’s not near your hob. Drawer inserts and modular dividers are also hugely popular and something we wholeheartedly recommend to keep your internal spaces looking as smart as the external ones. We can afford you more space by taking advantage of thinking upwards rather than outwards. There are doors that do just that coupled with pull down shelving for easy access to the contents at eye level.  

You’ll find that everything we’ve said in this piece will be part of a conversation we’ll have with you at the initial consultation phase before we move onto developing 3 or 4 designs for you to consider. That’s when a vision suddenly starts feeling more like a reality, and that's exciting for everyone.


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