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With the combination of artificial and natural materials, and the pallet of natural colours from bright up to neutral tones, you can combine and design the kitchen just the way you imagined. The kitchen is a room that is often overlooked when it comes to the visual arts. It is true, many kitchens are open spaces, but if space has at least one wall, there are a lot new possibilities. Colours which are instant hit in modern kitchens, range from brightly shades until neutral tones. The most common colours that are currently represented in the choice of kitchen are red, orange, turquoise, emerald green, black, silver, cream and white.

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Kitchens come in different designs and layouts which depend on the usage of the owners and the space available. But whatever is your space, you can always choose a design and style that you want for your kitchen. These days, modern kitchens are a hit because of their focus on function and how sleek they look like. There are still homes that have vintage or classic designs, or those kitchens with modern design but has added retro decors.

Yet, there are some homeowners who want that hardcore kitchen look.

With that, we have collated some ultramodern kitchen designs that will give you ideas on what to do with your own kitchen. These kitchens have either sleek lines or curvy lines in them, but their entire look is neat and very impressive. Some of them are even almost futuristic in design. Mostly, you would see some straight lines and smart usage of space, whatever is the size and shape of the kitchens area. In terms of colours, most would have a modern colour scheme with earth tones and neutral touches.

Just what we wanted, original fresh designs. Thank you so much.

- Keith Berry


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