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Circo Therm Oven from Neff

4th May 2018

This stainless steel Neff U12S53N3GB oven has a great A-20% energy rating and a circo therm fan.

Not only does the main oven offer you a large 67 litres capacity, the second oven gives you an additional 35 litres of room, all this great cooking space ideal when cooking for a family.

The multi functional main electric fan oven comes with an electric clock,  and led display.

The upper cavity is a conventional oven and contains and integrated variable grill and a useful automatic programmable timer, both ovens have double glazed doors and easy to use rotary controls. The Neff U12S53N3GB Circo therm system which draws air to the rear of the oven where it is heated and then fired back into the oven,  via jets on the back wall. This ensures the oven reaches operating temperature quickly.

One of the Neff U12S53N3GBs best features is the telescopic shelf, this can be pulled out fully, giving you easy access to trays or dishes in the oven.


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